Common Problems found
Holden Astra TS Faulty Compressor

This model suffers from the compressor overheating and it causes the clutch coil to blow and stops the compressor from turning on.

Honda CRV Compressor seized
This model has a problem where the compressor suffers from poor lubrication and seizes up. It results in fragments of debris getting into the condesnor, often a load squealing from the belt can be heard

Ford Falcon EF & EL Compressor seized
Common fault on these cars due to poor design, a squealing fan belt is your first warning,

BMW X5 No Cold Air
The compressor fails due to high gas temperatures often resuling from a faulty condensor fan.

Holden Commodore VT No Cold Air
These compressors often leak from the hose seals and if the gas charge is low the compressor will nnot pump, the compressors also leak from the body seal

FORD AU Falcon Compressor failed
The compressor design is poor and causes leaking from front seal, replacement compressor is required

VW Golf V no cold air
The design of the compressor is poor and results in the compressor clutch breaking. Replacement compressor (a better one) is required, WE CAN FIX IT Cheaper than the dealer

We are experts in all these and more, New car dealers such as Honda, BMW and Mercedes use Prahran Auto for A/C repairs so come to us for the best price and top quality work.
We can deoderise your Ac if it gets a musty smell as well as perform full oil flushing of your AC system to stop problems before they happen.

Licenced for Automotive Air Conditioning by
Australian Refrigeration Council

When driving a car in hot or cold weather the comfort level is controlled by the climate control system inside the car.
Modern climate control can be simple manual operating systems or fully automatic.
The air conditioning system is made up of many different components such as the compressor, condenser and evaporator, each plays a vital part in keeping the interior of your car cool and comfortable.
The refrigerant charge (ac gas) is critical for correct performance, quite often your car will be cold on a warm day but only cool on a hot day, this usually indicates a problem with the gas charge level.
New laws now cover the servicing of car air conditioning and at Prahran Auto all our staff are fully licensed by ARCTIK and trained to correctly carry out any repairs needed.
When regassing your air conditioning system we only use the correct gas type specified by the manufacturer.
All cars have ultra violet detection dye added and come with a 30 day warranty.
Our expert team can repair or replace all components in the climate control to make sure you are kept cool in summer and warm in winter.
Any car bult after 2000 needs to always have the correct amount of gas in the system to help lubricate the compressor. If the charge is too low the compressor can seize and cause a lot of damage resulting in expensive repairs. We are experts in the late model Variable displacement compressors found in Mercedes, Volkswagon, Toyota and Holden.
We are Denso Service agents so for any Honda and Toyota we have the factory training to maintain the integrity of your AC Syatem

Tips for better AC performance
Once the interior air is getting cooler, turn the recirculation button on and then turn the fan speed down to 1 or 2 so that the air has more time to pass thru the evaporator and thereby get colder.
If you have a musty or moldy smell coming from your AC Vents it could mean that the drain tube is blocked in the evaporator.
We have a new treatment available called MIST that will kill the unhealthy mould spores and deodorise the car.
Modern cars also have special air filters called cabin filters to ensure clean air is being drawn into the ac system, ensure yours is changed regulary.

VW Golf compressor failure video HERE Honda CRV Failure Video HERE Holden ASTRA TS failure HERE Mazda CX7 Failure HERE

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